Friday, December 9, 2016

Runescape Bond Price Prediction December 2016

Runescape is a leading online role playing game structured in medieval time. I have been playing this game since many years infrequently. The main reason to talk about this game my trading blog is, this game has an important aspect with trading. It does have real world a like financial trading system to buy bonds to get premium memberships to have more fun in your gaming experience. So far with Runescape, every time I Buy bonds I buy it with trading items, flipping items. I found this trading system amusing & very good way to teach little kids about trading & economics. So in this part of the post I am going talk about the price projection procedure with technical analysis & fundamental analysis step by step.

Technical Analysis:
Currently Bond is pricing with 15.3 Million Gaming Gold. If I see the current 6 months charts, then I can see market rose & then falling sharp, this kind of patterns indicates a bearish movement, as correction is getting bigger. So my prediction is it might come around 14 Million most probably.

Fundamental Analysis:
As it’s during the Christmas time. Company hosts different types Xmas events. So buying bond is in demand. But if bond price keep rising too much, then user will not buy it anymore. Which is a loss for the company so more the Xmas time will come supply of bonds will increase, so there is a possibility that bond price might fall down.
I have basic projection around 14-13 Mill. Not hoping much since company set a limit on bond base price around 15 Mill. But breaking 13 Mill will indicate lower price. 

***All of these views are personal. No trading decision involved. 
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